Pathway to Health

Pathway to Health

Welcome!  Pathway to Health is a therapy blog for the On-Site Therapy and Wellness Services Department at The Atrium in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Who are we?  The Atrium is a personal care community with over 30 years of experience providing high quality services driven by our core values.  Conveniently located in historical downtown Johnstown, The Atrium is proud to be known for our caring approach and socially stimulating activities encompassed with a combination of personalize support and services. Our daily commitment to our personal care residents is to support their wellness, vitality, dignity and purpose. 


Therapy Services Conveniently located in downtown Johnstown

The Atrium has recently completed some beautiful renovations within our facility to enhance its warmth for our current residents and families, as well as to appeal to perspective new residents. In addition to the renovations, The Atrium has added a brand-new therapy department now offering Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services to not only the residents at The Atrium, but the public as well. 

What can Functional Pathways at The Atrium do for you to help you down the pathway to better health?  Are you having pain? Arthritis? Are you afraid of falling? Do you suffer from Parkinson’s?  Recently injured yourself playing your favorite sport? Have you recently had an orthopedic surgery?  Do you find yourself getting weaker, or not able to do the things that you once loved?  Have you had a stroke and now find it hard to get dressed, shower, or even swallow?  WE CAN HELP!  Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy have the power to help you regain your function and strength, and reduce or eliminate your pain!

Our on-site therapy and wellness department at The Atrium provides each individual an in-depth evaluation and we develop a personalized treatment plan focused on your function and your goals to get you to where you want to be.  Our corporate office handles all billing, and insurance verifications, so no co-pay is due during the visit. We will conveniently be billed for any co-pays to you directly.  We have flexible hours to meet your schedule; and we offer FREE gated parking off our Lincoln Street entrance.  In addition, we are also located conveniently along the local CamTran bus route. 

Please call us at 814-535-5347 extension 4421 to schedule your personalized appointment.  We would love to help you down the Pathway to Health as we kick off 2018 in our new accommodations at The Atrium!