Our Cause, Our Video


Help The Atrium win a $5,000 grant:

YOU can help The Atrium win a $5,000 grant. How? Simply share the video on our facebook page, and spread word to family and friends!

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The Atrium, a Choice Community is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides a significant amount of charity care to the residents served. In 2017 alone, The Atrium provided $397,624 of charity care to 34 residents. These residents are not able to pay the full cost of care. This puts a significant drain on the community and we need help to bridge the gap.
The Atrium would like to start a building fund which would help to cover some of the cost to complete the carpeting project and furniture for those residents that do not have the means to customize their individual areas. Additionally, our Life Enrichment Director would like to purchase mp3 players for the residents and have additional musical events.
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Our Cause, Our Video:

Our video is designed to promote the care, compassion, and dedication demonstrated daily at The Atrium. We hope to express the compassion and commitment of the staff that deserve recognition for what they do. Additionally, those that we serve are our sole purpose and without assistance we cannot provide the $400,000 of charity care supplemented by the facility.