Healthy Eating – Wellness Wednesday Recap


Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging 

Today marked our second Wellness Wednesday at The Atrium, focused on Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging. Eating well leads to a healthier lifestyle and comes with a number of benefits including: ensuring nutrient intake, weight loss or weight maintenance, decrease in the risk of developing chronic diseases, and meeting individual calorie needs to maintain energy levels.

On-site Wellness Coordinator and Physical Therapist Heather Mack provided some simple tips to make healthy eating easier, which can be found in our resource section below.

For many consumers, one quick takeaway to consider is making gradual changes in your diet such as incorporating more water and vegetables, while decreasing sugar and sodium intake. As always, before making major changes to your diet, it is best to consult with your physician or a nutritionist who can help assess your specific nutritional needs.

We hope you can join us on April 25th for our next Wellness Wednesday session; stay tuned for our upcoming focus topic!



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